Alexandra Fessenko

Alexandra is a professional musician with 20 years of teaching and coaching experience in piano and voice. She implements a creative problem-solving and learning solutions approach in teaching task-oriented, integrated music lessons. Alexandra provides students with the techniques and tools to expand their creativity, expression, and learning skills; to find their unique sound and voice; and to develop their personality and individuality through music. Alexandra provides students with the guidance they need to tap into their personal creative and learning style for personal growth. Alexandra’s teaching motivation is to help students live a fulfilling life and have strong, beautiful minds that are set for success.

Alexandra is a performer and music arranger who has performed on major stages across Russia and Europe. She started studying piano professionally at an early age in Moscow, Russia in the studio of Nune Khachaturian (daughter of Aram Khachaturian) and continued her studies in piano and voice in Prague, Czech Republic in the class of professor and music critic Jaromir Kriz at the conservatory of music. Alexandra studied in the Russian classical school of pianism and was trained in the Lizst piano method, which focuses on techniques for self expression and communication through music. She later applied these skills in the many music genres she has worked in. Alexandra received the basics of vocal training in classical and jazz styles with classical professional performers of Bolshoi theater and continued advanced voice studies with avant-garde jazz singer Mirka Krivankova. She completed the acting curriculum at Studio Theater Conservatory in Washington, DC with a focus in music theater. Alexandra has also completed studies in music composition, electrical engineering, and the physics of sound at the University of North Texas. She felt that science and engineering could expand her creative horizons and make her life more fulfilling after reaching her limits in music and art. Since that time Alexandra has made strong connections between scientific and artistic fields. Her teaching method is based on the interconnection of disciplines and thorough clarification of artistic, creative and innovative processes.

In the United States, Alexandra mainly dedicated herself to teaching, music arrangement, and producing. Many of her students have been accepted to schools such as The Juilliard School in New York City, University of Maryland, and Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Her students have performed concerts, shows and productions at major theater and concert halls such as: The Kennedy Center, Birchmere, Strathmore, Theatre Lab, Signature Theatre, and more.